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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Strange Street Ritual Exposed

Concern has been expressed about signs of street gang activity in Plattsburgh. But what about evidence of cult activity?

The other day I’m walking down the sidewalk when I encounter some notable litter. Sections of a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle are scattered about. And paper twisted into a bundle is burning.

The work of rowdy middle-school kids who ran away? Or maybe it’s something more, a ritualistic pattern left behind for only those with special knowledge to decipher.

Study the accompanying images. Notice that the 3D puzzle sections once formed a castle, the symbol of the ruling class. The castle has been smashed. Note how one section has been placed near a white streak running north to south on the sidewalk. The white streak represents the “pure” blood of the ruling class that has been shed when its power was smashed.

And the torch made of twisted paper? It represents illumination revealing the lies of The Powers That Be.

The conclusion is obvious. The whispers are true. A cult lurks among us. The Gnostic Grange of Jeezum Crow.


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