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Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Bull Downtown

Now here’s a summer job for a college student: spreading the word about Red Bull energy drink, visiting various places in a mini-car all pimped out to promote the product.

Once you arrive at your location, you strap on your plastic backpack shaped like a giant can of Red Bull and make the rounds. What’s in the cooler backpack? Well, what do you think?

Along the way some people will ask for a free sample and you happily oblige.

I spoke with the young ladies who were visiting Plattsburgh today to spread the Bull. I asked them about the history of the product and learned that it originated in Thailand and was later introduced to Austria (I thought it was Australia, but what do I know?). Red Bull is loaded with all sorts of good stuff like caffeine and taurine to compensate for the vitamins and nutrients that one pisses away during a hard night of drinking. (That last sentence is my observation, not details given by the Red Bull representatives.)

One lady knew her product. When she mentioned “taurine,” I asked her if it was bull urine. She replied that people sometimes ask about that ingredient, but it really isn’t bull urine.

I knew from my own previous research that she wasn’t feeding me any bull. Taurine was first isolated from bull bile.

Is Red Bull bilious? That’s a matter of opinion. Having tasted it before, I politely declined when offered a free sample.


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