Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crap On City Hall

I don't know if that squatting dog in the image above left anything behind on the City Hall lawn. I wasn't that close (I see enough disgusting dogshit as it is, thank you). Maybe the man on the other end of the leash was carrying a plastic bag to pick up after it.

But someone has been leaving unpleasant decorations around City Hall. I wonder how bad municipal lawns are going to look when the snow melts and sins of omission -- or should I say emission -- are no longer concealed.

Welcome to Dogtown.


Anonymous said...

tough shit, try owning a dog in the city of plattsburgh and finding a nice place to have it squat... birds shit everywhere, stray cats shit everywhere... everytime it rains in the summer the sewers (which take both rainwater and sewage together to the plant) overflow, onto the hills of the monument... my only problem w/ dog poop is when its left in the sidewalk or in the path of where people normally walk... otherwise, it's biodegradeble and helps fertilize stuff... obviously you don't own a dog, and if you do and you clean up after it then bra-vo... either way get off your fucking high horse

Anonymous said...

Dog excrement is a serious problem and most of us residents resent lazy, thoughtless dog owners who do not pick up after them. If it is such a problem owning a dog in the city, leave the city or don't have a dog.
Follow basic human decency and take a bag and clean up. What a mess when someone walks in it, and the smell is disgusting as is the presence of poop all over our city properties. Maybe people don't realize that this isn't the normal way to "decorate" a city.

Luke T. Bush said...

Anonymous 4:24 PM:

I've replied to your rant in another post.

Anonymous 9:37 PM:

I agree -- especially with the "lazy, thoughtless" part.