Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some residents of Plattsburgh’s Center City (AKA the CZ or Combat Zone) are hoping the new private housing being built on Broad Street for college students will alleviate some of the chronic problems caused by rowdy renters.

The new housing is being built on the lot where St. John’s Academy used to stand. The company behind the project, United Group, promises to have managers on site to keep things under control.

Rules and regs? I think the some of transient renters in the CZ want the minimum amount of supervision, especially the ones who want to cut loose with noise, theft and vandalism. That’s why they’re not living on campus in the dorms. For them absentee landlords are great.


TourPro said...

I hate to say it, but that monstrosity of wooden construction seem like a disaster waiting to happen.

The big winner here is the Express Lane. Once all those kids settle in, their beer sales should explode.

Luke T. Bush said...

Medical alert bracelet for student:

"In case of blood loss, hook up IV to large bottle of Bud."