Sunday, June 20, 2021

Art As Activity Spot

© 2020 Luke T. Bush

Les Cosgrove (yellow shirt) explains her work as part of a video documentary.


At first glance the paintings spread across the sidewalk outside 30 City Hall Place are fanciful images for young children.  But take a second look and you’ll notice a pattern in two sections.   Squares form a hopscotch layout.  The long twisty green band is a maze pathway through a school of fish.

There’s also a section with blank white fish, ready for sidewalk chalk artists to fill in with their own details.

Outdoor Art: Plattsburgh Public Art Project created the City-wellness installation through the work of primary artist Les Cosgrove with assistance by Amy Guglielmo.

The Clinton County Health Department provided funding through the Operation Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper grant program.  One aim of the program was to add activity stencils to a sidewalk or building so that people can play as they go.

Blank fish await for details to be added by young sidewalk chalk artists.

A-mazing artwork.

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