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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before Jeering Look At Your Own Neighborhood

I'm tired of the crap.

The Press-Republican newspaper runs a feature called "Cheers & Jeers," handing out paeans and pans regarding certain incidents and situations.

On June 10th the PR included this Jeer: "JEERS to people who don’t clean up after their dogs in Burlington’s waterfront park."

It went on how a PR editor was upset to see "decomposing canine feces that detracts greatly from the beautiful grounds and view of Lake Champlain."

Why go across the lake to complain about dogshit?  Maybe the PR should look at its own doorstep:

And you can see uncensored images of what I've been documenting for years at my "bad" blog, Dogtown 12901.  I haven't updated that blog lately but not because the problem has cleared up.  I'm tired of photographing and documenting the same old crap.

Like I say watch your step in Plattsburgh City.  The other day a father was upset that his young sandal-clad daughter stepped in some dogshit.  And as you know, such stuff is not only disease-free but even salubrious!

Take Pride, Dogtown!


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