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Friday, March 02, 2012

Snow Serpent Invades Downtown Park


I hate winter.

It takes something especially unusual for me to pull my camera out of its warm bag and shoot an outdoor scene.

Walking along this evening I spot a band of snow coiled around a tree on the edge of Trinity Park.

Then I see the band continues to stretch across the park, up over a picnic table. Somehow the elongated serpent hangs over the table as if it were plastic, not snow. It continues to wind across the white expanse, a wildly slithering pattern that stops at the edge of the metal fence guarding the Veterans Memorial.

So how was this created? A Fortean form that just fell out of the sky? Or is it just the work with of a natural artist with a lot of spare time? I notice that the snow on each side of the coil is flattened down, pushed aside: boot prints. Handiwork and footwork together.

So I end up visually documenting the intriguing sculpture before it's destroyed by man and nature.

And I still hate winter.


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