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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Matter Of Degree

Even without the coincidence there would have been some ado about the event.

Therapy Sports Bar and Lounge in downtown Plattsburgh had scheduled a modeling event with the entertainment company, Girls Gone Wild. GGW is known for its videos of partying young girls showing off their assets during events like spring break. The owner of Therapy Lounge stressed that no nudity or other rowdiness would be allowed in his club.

The night he was able to book the event, Friday, April 15th, happened to be the same evening that a Take Back The Night march would pass by his club. The march was to create awareness of violence against women.

No incidents were reported involving either the club or the march.

One point raised by at the anti-GGW crowd was that Girls Gone Wild exploits women. But isn't exploitation a matter of degree? After all, check this annoying pop-under ad that appears when you visit the Press-Republican Website:

Gee, are male readers supposed to be enticed to click on the ad for more details? Is that model dangling a bit more than car keys?


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