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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ducky Quacks, Listeners Yawn

WIRY Radio "personality" Ducky Drake has discovered a great cure for insomnia. He keeps repeating the same pointless points in his twice-weekly commentary broadcasts.

A few days ago he was bloviating once again about the Plattsburgh Public Library. Instead of discussing an issue, Ducky attacks his subject, dissing his targets through his "Is It Just Me?" segments. Don't call his essays a commentary; a better term would be dissingtery.

Ducky is the same person who thought PPL should be shut down because other libraries like the one at PSUC could do the job. Sure, Ducky. I think WIRY should be shut down because a drunk on a CB radio with a bad record collection could do better.

Apparently Ducky is happy that PPL is having financial difficulties. He doesn't mention that because of the recent "deep recession" (that's an euphemism for economic depression) a lot of organizations and businesses are suffering. He suggests instead of getting money from the city, PPL should hold bake sales and put out collection cans.

I'm thinking about holding a bake sale and putting out collection cans for a special fund. It will be for the DUCKY, SHUT THE EFF UP campaign.

But there are those who accept everything that Ducky says without question. And for those believers, here's a special link just for you:



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