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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PO Readers And Maximize Sales?

A while ago I wrote about the Press-Republican website and its annoying pop-up ads that would interfere with your reading:

So the PR did away with that crap and decided to try the sneaky pop-under ad ploy. As I've mentioned before, it has one for local car dealers. When you close any windows you had open before signing out, this nagging page is waiting for you:

Well, let me share this item from Speakout, the Press-Republican's sound off feature for its readers, dated Oct. 31, 2010:

* * *


Can the Press-Republican please stop the pop-up full-page ad of the cars for sale— It's bad enough tossing the drop out ads stuffed in my daily paper, but taking over my computer with unwanted junk goes too far. Actually, I shouldn't be asking, I'm telling you. Stop it!

* * *

I spoke to someone who said he called the car dealers in the same ad and told each one that he would never buy a car from them.

Pissing off readers -- that moves the merchandise.


Anonymous tourpro said...

Now you can pay and download the ultimate Pop-up - the electronic version! You can see all the ads you would have missed if you simply read it online. Bonus!!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...

Trying to shoehorn the print version on a computer screen is stupid. I hate sliding the image around to read. The Burgh also does that but at least it has a compact/tabloid format, less area to slide around. PR still uses the broadsheet format, larger pages to screw around with.

PR should be working on a dedicated mobile strategy instead of trying to keep the dead tree format alive in a newer version.

And what I like about the PR electronic print version -- you get all the ads and they expect you to pay for it!

2:28 PM  

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