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Friday, November 05, 2010

Gharan K. Burton: Blending Images, Bending Reality

The Ghost Effect By Gharan K. Burton

At first you recognize the building in the painting -- and then you do a double-take. What is that long stairway doing there? The sign on the building says "Lily Pond," a store that specialized in selling works by local artists. But where the street should be are broad steps. Huh?

The artist, Gharan K. Burton, is playing around with your head with his work, "The Ghost Effect," an oil on canvas puzzler. Blame it on a fortunate mistake that inspired him to blend two images into one. One time he accidentally made a double-exposure with a film camera; the resulting image showed him the potential of overlaying one scene over another.

"The Ghost Effect" mixes Plattsburgh City Hall with a building on the corner of City Hall Place and Bridge Street. If you're familiar with those locations, you become disorientated, trying to force both images into one. Are the steps a reflection in a water puddle or window?

This work and others are now on display this month at the Great Adirondack Soup Company, 24 Oak Street, across from the Plattsburgh Public Library. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM. Call (518) 561-6408 for more info.

Artist Gharan K. Burton

Reception at the Great Adirondack Soup Company, Friday evening, 11/5/10.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Airbase (gone), Bakery (gone), PSU (going), Paper Plant (?)

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