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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye, Plattsburgh Street Sale

It's not an unusual sight in Burlington, Vermont but in Plattsburgh, NY? Things will change but for now two guys holding a street sale might appear to be too bohemian.

Dan Sturrock and Michael Morgan are leaving the Burgh and they wanted to raise a bit of money by having a street sale. They set up an array of items, original art and personal stuff no longer needed, by the laundromat on the corner of Oak and Clinton streets. They asked the permission of the laundromat owners; no problem.

Then they also checked with someone in the mayor's office to make sure it was OK. They were told they didn't need a permit.

Respecting the sidewalk space, they left plenty of room for pedestrians to pass by. It's one of the few times I've seen the wide sidewalks in downtown used to a good advantage. After all, it's not like the wide sidewalks are needed for the throngs flowing through everyday.

But Dan and Michale had a bit of a problem when someone from the building inspector's office saw the set up. They explained they had done everything neat and proper, by the book.

With all of the problems that need attention in the Burgh, two friendly guys holding a street sale should be given low priority. Wouldn't it be better to pay attention to buildings that aren't being maintained, especially ones with pieces dropping off? I think a falling chunk of concrete hitting someone in the head is more dangerous than spraypaint art being sold on the street.

Hey, why not do something about the soiled diaper in the city parking lot on the corner of Margaret and Court that has been sitting there for 12 days?


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