Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vocal Patron Of The Arts

Nighttime. Warm. A great opportunity to take out my camera and tripod and do some time exposures. Interesting effects with the shutter held open for seconds.

A big pick-up truck approaches as I stand on the sidewalk, minding my own business. Someone in the truck yells as it speeds by:

“You f***ing a**hole! Go back home with that camera!”

That’s what I like about Plattsburgh, NY. So many cultured people.

No ignorant rednecks. You know the ilk, sloped forehead and crossed eyes, the result of inbreeding for ten generations, first cousins only.

People who live to fart, not for art.

1 comment:

Otto Maddox said...

These photos are great. You should take more like this and create a great series for the burgh.

As far as the willfully ignorant. Don't let them get you down, with any luck they will be back in jail on their fifth DWI or Domestic Violence charge before the end of the week!