Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Native Intelligence

I’m walking down the sidewalk, a sunny afternoon, minding my own business. Up ahead is a bar, its front porch close to the street. Some scruffy beer-swilling guys are standing outside on the deck, smoking cigarettes, jawboning.

A woman wearing tight bluejeans comes out of the bar. Her car is parked in the lot near the sidewalk. The passenger side window is open; she leans in to retrieve something from the front seat.

One of the men on the deck looks at me and yells: “Bite her ass!” He repeats the phrase to make sure that I heard him.

Obviously these men were taking a break from a meeting of the local chapter of the Mensa Society.


TourPro said...

I know exactly where you are talking about.

Definitely not a Plattsburgh beauty spot. They should do a curbside thing like Iris's.

Luke T. Bush said...

I like the concept of the curbside set-up, putting tables and chairs right on the street where the customers can pass out in plain view. That way the big street sweeper machine can come through and clean up the problem.