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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tim Kavanagh: Hairless, Humorless

March 31st, 2007.

A date that will live in infamy – or at least stupidity.

Over in Burlington, Vermont, WCAX-TV has been showing its own localized version of a late night talk show, hosted by one of its salesmen, Tim Kanavagh. During one of his monologues on Late Night Saturday, Kavanagh made a “joke” about a house in Rio de Janeiro built from trash. The government was preserving this house as a model for recycling. Then Tim punchlined:

“This is a little bit different from the folks over in Plattsburgh where the houses have the trash living inside.”

The audience groaned and Tim backed off, saying that he didn’t write the joke. But he still approved and read it.

Someone should explain to this Letterman-Leno wannabe that joke-telling is an art. Yes, I take shots at Plattsburgh but they’re not cheap blanket shots, barnbrushing its citizens. I only poke fun at the expense of those who are responsible for taking care of chronic problems. I choose my targets carefully.

After all, anyone can make an unfair statement. For example:

If you haven’t seen Tim Kavanagh on TV, he’s a hairless ape whose comedic style can be best described as simian feces-throwing.


Anonymous Barney Rubble said...

Interesting... He is an ad salesman? Must have been burned/rejected by p-burgh businesses. I don't watch much on CBS but do North Country businesses advertise on CAX? I say a boycott is in order!!!!

6:34 AM  

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