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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Dog And A Pig

I’m tired of dogshat sidewalk images. There are none with this post. But I will still complain about the problem.

As I have documented in other posts, both textually and visually, for some time dogshit has been littering the walkway on Protection Alley, between Marion and Oak streets. I had assumed that stray dogs were behind the mess near the entrance to what was the Crisis Center. But then I learned it was more than just that.

I know someone who works in that area. One day she observed a man park his car and then get out, taking his dog for a walk. He didn’t have a pooper scooper or even a plastic bag. He let his dog shit on the sidewalk, then he drove off with his pet, leaving the problem behind for everyone else.

Of course, that causes unleashed dogs to think that spot is a canine crapland and the problem is compounded.

This will keep going on until the scofflaw stops using the sidewalk as his pet’s toilet. I don’t blame the dog for obeying its master. The owner is the one acting like an animal.


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