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Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Matter Of Respect

Trinity Park. A pleasant spot in the heart of downtown Plattsburgh, NY. The snow has melted, thanks to the warmer weather. With the white blanket gone, the ground and certain objects strewn over it are now exposed to view.

Right in the center of the park is a memorial for veterans, a tribute to those American soldiers who died in battle, defending freedom for all Americans. But I don’t think those soldiers died to allow inconsiderate dog owners the freedom of letting their pets crap up the park.

Is this how we honor the sacrifice of brave soldiers? A memorial surrounded by lumps of dog shit?

The city should move the memorial to a spot where proper respect can be shown. In its place it can put up a more appropriate monument: a bronze statue of a squatting, defecating canine. The perfect symbol of downtown Plattsburgh.

Or, better yet, downtown can clean up its act.


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