Monday, June 15, 2009

House Beautiful: 65 Miller Street

No change. It’s been over a month. This one spot still looks like something out of Dogpatch.

OK, the house is condemned/abandoned but c’mon – someone has to be responsible for it. At least get the fire hazard garbage bags and cardboard outta there.

Take Pride, Plattsburgh – ya know? Even L’il Abner would be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

Poor house! The city gets annual phone calls from several of us (neighbors) reminding them to (at least) mow. This is the first year refuse has been "stored" at the property. You're right.... We need to take more pride... and since we (neighbors)aren't allowed on the property (i was informed it would be trespassing), the city needs to pay closer attention....

Luke T. Bush said...


So if feral cats, skunks, rats and whatever took up residence in that jungle, then they would be arrested for trespassing?