Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leaders Of Tomorrow!

When I have doubts about the future of mankind, I pick up the student newspaper from Plattsburgh State University College. Within its pages I find reassurance.

In the latest issue of Cardinal Points (4/17/09) there is a front-page article about PSUC students and their grasp of current events. A roving reporter on campus gave a quiz, five questions. There was this one: “What state recently passed a bill legalizing gay marriage?”

Vermont is just across the lake. A glance at regional headlines provides the gist of leading events over there. But the gay marriage vote was covered in the national news, giving less of a reason for someone to miss that story.

Anyway, when asked what state recently passed a gay marriage bill, a PSUC student replied: “Australia.”

Another student was asked: “Who is the governor of New York?”

The reply: “I know what he looks like.” But she didn’t have a name, not even a first or last one.

But she did better than a male student whose response was “(clueless expression).”

In another section, “What’s The Buzz?,” a roving reporter asked students what was the most interesting bathroom graffiti they had ever seen.

One freshman girl answered: “I like the bathroom graffiti that shows affection between a couple.”

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