Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mayor Responds To DRI Criticism


Controversy erupted after Plattsburgh City won a $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) grant from the state.  As explained in a previous article the Strong Towns Plattsburgh group lead by activist Jeremiah Ward is advocating for the money to be spread out to smaller projects instead of the bulk being spent on a major construction project in the Durkee Street parking lot.

I asked Mayor Colin Read via email for his side of the story.  Below is his response.

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Colin Read   readc@plattsburghcitygov.com


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Actually, I worked to get $1 million into the DRI to revitalize downtown buildings, as Jeremiah knows, because he and I were both on the DRI committee and trying to do that. Unfortunately, neither of us were able to sway the overall committee and especially Albany in January of 2017. I hope I have since been able to at least avoid the monolithic multistory retail structure that was slated to be built across from the co-op. 

Those on the committee know that this is not a $5m check to the city to do what it wants. Rather, we are told what projects we will do and how much we have to do it. All those on the DRI committee know that, even if some of us wish the six projects proposed but not funded could have been instead. 

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