Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Non-Suspicious Fire With An Undetermined Cause


According to an article at the Press-Republican website ( the official investigation into the deadly fire at 220 Margaret Street  has concluded the cause is undetermined.  At the same time the Plattsburgh City police chief says nothing was found that points to the fire being suspicious in nature.

Unless there's a key detail missing from the article I have a difficult time understanding why the fire was determined to be non-suspicious in origin.  If the cause is undetermined -- evidence was destroyed in the fire -- then how could anyone really know it was or wasn't suspicious in nature?  Could someone explain this to me?

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David said...

Who is collecting the fire insurance? And what might be the financial status or condition of the recipient of those monies? There are some forensic details the fire department should look at that are not necessarily contained in the wreckage.