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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey, *uckerberg – Enough!

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PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY – April 23, 2016

Facebook is trying to suck more free content out of users.  A while ago the service was tracking my browsing, copying a URL from my clipboard that it wanted me to share with others on FB.  I would open up my news feed and there at the top of the page was a pending post with a lifted URL.  I ignored it.  Don’t tell me what to share, *uckerberg.

The Daily Beast has reported that even if your Facebook app is closed FB still knows when you’re copying a link.  ( “Facebook Is Spying On Your Clipboard”  -- http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/10/21/facebook-knows-what-you-copy-on-your-iphone.html )

Now FB is at it again by tracking my locations and then asking me to review the places I have been. Free reviews? No way. FB claims that by posting reviews you are helping your community. No, you're helping FB. Isn’t it making enough with its billions of dollars in profit? Is it trying to out-parasite the Huffington Post?

I posted photos of an early morning fire on FB.  A friend noticed they were location-tagged with Meadowbrook Healthcare.  Nothing against Meadowbrook but I’m not changing the tag.  FB created the problem, they can fix it.

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Maybe by tracking URLs and locations Facebook is making money on the side with the NSA.

So why don’t I drop Facebook?  Call it being in the belly of the beast.  I’m more than happy to track its greedy BS and report on it.


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