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Friday, August 07, 2015

Crappy Way To Treat The Disabled

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A copy of the above image was recently emailed to me.  The photo was taken by John Farley of NCCI (North Country Center for Independence).

In a Press-Republican article published last Sunday Plattburgh City Mayor Jim Calnon stated “The city had dropped the ball,” but would do better with accessibility issues for the disabled community.

Really.  NCCI had to contact the city about the problem of the two porta-potties blocking part of the handicap parking space for at the marina.  The city said it would fix it.  I haven’t verified whether the movable outhouses were relocated to a more appropriate spot.

Even if the hindrance has been addressed the fact remains that it shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.  Does the accompanying image evince the city’s efforts to do better?

To me it’s more arrogant ball dropping.  The same thing that has been going on over the last 25 years since the enactment of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Nothing else says second class treatment than blocking access to the disabled community with a couple of shit shacks.

UPDATE:  I just learned that a private company is being blamed for the porta-potty screw up.  So the city doesn’t get all the blame but…

A city employee did see the problem and contacted the private company to have the shit shacks relocated.  Then he left for vacation without designating someone to do a follow up to make sure they were moved.  I’ve been told that as of 4:30 PM today the porta-problems are still there.

Next time Plattsburgh City should hire a company that doesn’t sit on its brains when using the throne.

UPDATE 2: Saturday, 8/8/15.  Late this evening I visited the marina area and the porta-potties were removed from the handicap parking spot.  Of course someone else had to screw up a good job.


Blogger Debra Buell said...

Thanks for posting this photo, Luke!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Debra Buell said...

Thanks for posting this photo, Luke!

10:21 PM  

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