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Monday, February 23, 2015

Will ROTA Keep Rolling?

Folk songstresses Giovanina Bucci (left) and Taylor LaValley
helped ROTA raise funds during a recent event.

By Luke T. Bush © 2015


39 Bridge Street could become another empty storefront.

March might be the last month that ROTA Studios & Gallery will be open at that location.  The rent was doable for the non-profit co-op when it split the expense with a co-tenant.  But the situation became undoable after the co-tenant moved out, leaving ROTA stuck with full rent and utilities.

For years ROTA has offered a space for substance free – all ages events.  Young local musicians cut their teeth at the venue.  It offered an alternative to teens besides wandering the streets, looking for something to do.

Plattsburgh needs a youth center but after some talk years ago: nothing.  ROTA has been the closest to such a center.  But it hasn’t been limited to the young crowd.  The older crowd also enjoys the music programs from melodious folk music to thrashing loud rock.

As a gallery ROTA provided a different spot for area artists to hang their works and just hang around.  You could see the beautiful and the bizarre, sometimes in the same exhibit.

More info at https://www.facebook.com/rotagallery.  The page also offers the option of making a much-needed donation.

Or do you prefer another empty storefront in downtown Plattsburgh, large plywood bandages covering up smashed windows?


Blogger Tal Hartsfeld said...

This modern-day world seems to be all about doing away with all things dignified, having class, and having any kind of substance.

4:56 PM  

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