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Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Evening For Keys And Strings

© 2014 Luke T. Bush


Friday evening ROTA Gallery hosted a variety of performers. The line-up: Jacob Kennedy (guitar), Jay Lesage (piano), Vihan Aw (piano), and Jessica Rigby (violin).

Vihan Aw, who hails from Sri Lanki, is a self-taught pianist attending a local college. He impressed the audience with his adept playing while performing diverse musical styles.

Jay Lesage performed one of his original compositions about an encounter with a woman that didn’t turn out as expected in a romantic sense. He introduced to the audience a new term: “raging affection.”

Jacob Kennedy.

Jay Lesage. 

Vihan Aw. 

Vihan Aw (piano) and Jessica Rigby (violin).

Vihan Aw.

Jessica Rigby.

Jessica Rigby.


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