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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I created the first Facebook group page for Koffee Kat called Koffee Kat Plattsburgh. I received an OK from the owner and spent considerable time setting up and adding content to the page. An employee – no longer at KK - wanted to be added as an admin to the group page. I added her, not suspecting what she wanted to do. She started a new page, Koffee Kat Espresso Bar, and tried to delete mine using her admin privilege. Her deletion attempt was unsuccessful. I thought that deletion could only be done by approval of all admins.

Today I log on to Facebook and find that my page, Koffee Kat Plattsburgh, has been deleted, apparently by another admin. All my work is gone, the history of a certain time at the coffeehouse. No one asked me to delete the KKP group page. One would think that someone with a modicum of civility would contact me about deletion outside of an automatic notice from Facebook.

Now no one can access my photos and short articles because Koffee Kat Plattsburgh no longer exists. The thanks I get for volunteering my time and doing a good job.

So I've learned my lesson. Backstabbers are out there, ready to erase your work to promote theirs. My advice: if you start a FB group page make sure you can trust any admins you add. Better yet, just make yourself the only admin.

You may ask: Why not contact FB and fix the problem, restoring the page? Obviously you've never dealt with FB -- it's user unfriendly. And I shouldn't have to fix a problem that someone else created.

*   *   *


I had left a copy of the above post at the Koffee Kat Espresso Bar page.  Of course, someone doesn't like the truth and it was deleted.  This post was put up:

* * *
Koffee Kat Espresso Bar
2 hours ago via mobile
Koffee Kat Plattsburgh and Koffee Kat Espresso Bar pages have been merged at the request of the owner. We thank everyone for your understanding and look forward to all of you visiting and making Koffee Kat a great place to spend coffee hour!

* * *

So I left this comment:

"So if the pages have been merged, where is my material from Koffee Kat Plattsburgh? And why wasn't I contacted before my FB page was deleted? Maybe I should delete this page without warning and see how you like it. Erasing my page after all my work is incredibly underhanded."

Let's see how long before that comment is deleted.


Anonymous @tourpro said...

Interesting story. It's normal for brands to merge pages they own. There shouldn't be any reason for FB to mess with a group of fans (or anti-fans).

4:32 PM  
Blogger Luke T. Bush said...

From what I gather it wasn't FB that made the change but someone with admin privileges for both pages. The merger was initiated locally. I still don't know who was responsible. I suspect it was the same person who had tried to do it months ago but didn't succeed.

At the same time Facebook should've have contacted the creator of the original Koffee Kat group page -- me -- and gave a heads up before doing anything. I could have backed up my pages before they were deleted.

My admin privilege to the second page has been revoked and any comments I posted there have been deleted. So someone is trying to cover up the facts.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Tal Hartsfeld said...

There seems to be some sort of "silent vendetta" against those who have anything meaningful or consequential to say being waged by various "mediocre-minded" types.
An attempt to "homogenize" the web or something along that line.

6:18 PM  

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