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Friday, July 20, 2012

Nothing Beats The Punctual Drummer

Man, drummers can be a drag.  Your gig is about to start but you have to wait for your procrastinating percussionist.  How can you find one who'll be on time?

Meet the Punctual Drummer, pictured above in action.  A wiry guy fashionably dressed with bottlecaps and beercan tabs who is willing to shake a leg.

Here's the Punctual Drummer and his bandmates recently performing at ROTA in downtown Plattsburgh.  The Galt Line also features Willie on guitar and Blythe on uke and vocals.  I found no fault with the Line and its earthshaking music.  Highly recommended if you're into to swing or just good old dancing music.  The Galt Line's motto: "We'll Make You Move."

So if your drummer is a bummer, give him the boot and pick up the beat with the Punctual Drummer.  Inquire about the Punctual Drummer at www.TheGaltLineBand.com .  You can also learn how to book the trio for a stompin' good time.


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