Friday, June 22, 2012

ROTA On The Move

The ROTA board discusses an option to move its arts co-op to a more spacious and well-lit location.

Plattsburgh City - 6/22/12

Wednesday evening the board of ROTA Studio and Gallery met on the back patio at Koffee Kat.  Normally its Wednesday meeting would be held at 19 Clinton Street but circumstances forced re-locating to the coffeehouse.

Did the hell-heat drive the board to meet elsewhere?  Not really.  Let's say it's hard to discuss issues in the dark.  Apparently some sort of communications problem with the landlord and the electric company resulted in a power shut-off.

Nick Dubay (center) shares his enthusiasm about a space open at 50 Margaret Street that would better serve ROTA.

The main topic of the meeting: a new HQ for the non-profit arts organization.  A chance to expand, more area for exhibitions and live music events.  Nick Dubay explained that there was a chance to move to 50 Margaret Street, a location that used to house My Cup Of Tea restaurant.

50 Margaret St.

Apparently Thunderbirds are go according to this post at the ROTA Facebook page:

"It is Official!
"50 Margaret St is our NEW and AMAZING location.
"come join us Friday [6/22/12 ] at 8pm and give us a had moving stuff around."

So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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