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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ducky Quacks, Denise Retorts


And just when you thought it was safe again to listen to the WIRY radio local newscast...

On Tuesday and Thursday of each week listeners are blessed (as such) to "Is It Just Me?," a commentary segment by WIRY "personality" Ducky Drake.  Drake holds forth on a short list of topics, his favorite targets those organizations represented by unions: Plattsburgh City School District, the city Fire Department, and the public library.

Drake's most recent "Is It Just Me?" segment was entitled "The Waiting Game."  In that work of journalistic excellence he went after both the Plattsburgh Public Library (PPL) and the Fire Department.  He said that employees at those places were "a' hoping and a' wishing" for a different mayor and city councilors to be elected, politicians sympathetic to their concerns.   A copy of that commentary can be heard here.

Drake is free to make any observations he wants but in this last commentary he came across as petty and vile, making sneering comments about certain individuals: Stan Ransom, Karen Ricketson, and mothers of city firefighters.

Stan Ransom is the director of PPL.  Karen Ricketson is employed as a library assistant at PPL and also is vice-president of the local AFSCME union, 788, that represents library employees.  Kathy McCleery ran unsuccessfully in the last mayoral race against incumbent Donald Kasprzak.  She is the mother of a city firefighter.

In his commentary Drake said that if PPL and the FD wanted elected officials on their side, then Stan Ransom, Karen Ricketson, and a mother of a city firefighter should run for office.  Drake didn't bother to explain who Ransom and Ricketson were, apparently assuming that listeners tune in every time he's on the air and so know all the people he snipes at.

Of course, this post is stooping to Drake's level, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.  (And if Drake, a city resident, has a fire, who's he gonna call?  Ghostbusters?)  Besides this post, Drake has also received some heat from Denise Nephew, President of AFSCME Local 788.  Here is her email to Drake (reprinted with permission): 

*  *  *

FROM:  AFSCME Local 788

TO:    Ducky Drake   ducky@wiry.com

Thursday, February 16, 2012 12:34 PM


It certainly is. 

You obviously don’t have a clue on what’s going on at the Library or the Fire Dept.  The Fire Dept. has been w/o a contract since Dec. 31, 2007.  THAT IS A TRAVESTY!  To treat our Fireman that way. 

And I, like 1000 other people, would rather have Ms. Ricketson or Ms. McCleery in office, rather than what we have now.  No other elected or appointed official EVER badmouths their employees.  Not even corporate America!

This city is on the road to no-where.

Since you think you’re so smart – you obviously haven’t done your homework!

I’ve approached the Lib. Board on why they have left the Administrative Assistant position 37 hours!  Of course you wouldn’t know – you are too stupid to find out the facts. 

What goes around comes around “Ducky.”  You and your cronies will find that out soon.

Denise Nephew
Ward 2 and Pres. Of AFSCME Local 788

*  *  * 


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