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Friday, January 06, 2012

Justice For Christopher: Update

It's been a long journey for Christopher Rigsbee but he's closer to seeing a resolution to his case.

Back on November 19th, 2010, he and his girlfriend were brutally assaulted on Broad Street in Plattsburgh City by a group of men. Chris was stomped on, teeth knocked out. After an ER visit, he had to go to a dentist to have gravel removed from his gums.

City police were soon contacted after the attack and for some time the case seemed to be stalled in the system.

Jump to November 10th, 2011. As the result of grand jury proceedings one man was found mainly responsible for the assault. According to Chris in a recent interview, the others present during the attack testified against one man. That man's lawyer entered a guilty plea and all that remains is the man to be arrested and officially charged.

From what Chris has heard from a Plattsburgh Police Department detective, the man played on a local college team and is recovering from a sports-related injury in a Syracuse area hospital. According to the detective, when the man is released from the hospital, he will have to return to Plattsburgh and be formally processed. After that restitution will be paid.

Things are getting back to normal for Chris, as about normal as they can for a victim of a vicious beating. He found help through the Crime Victims Bureau at the Clinton County Probation Department which provided funds for dental work. Chris now has permanent implants to replace his missing teeth, thanks to the efforts of dentist Dr. Tom Gerner.

When Chris does receive restitution, that money will be paid into the Crime Victims Bureau fund to help other victims recover.

But for that to happen, one of the last steps has to be taken. So far Chris hasn't heard from the PPD regarding the formal charging of the one who pled guilty to the crime.


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