Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sure, That'll Work

I hope that Plattsburgh City doesn't think its latest patchjob to the crumbling front stairway of the public library is a permanent solution. As you can see in the second photo, the patches are already cracking even though they're less than three days old.

Watch your step.


tourpro said...

Yet, they have money to send around a mobile internet bus so old-people can hook-up w/ their vintage girlfriends.

And the leaking roof.

Luke T. Bush said...

And they can find $38,000 worth of grant money to put a new water fountain in Trinity Park so that the dogs can take a bath after crapping all over the lawn.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Luke about the work that was done on the steps at the public library. I do need to add that the city of Plattsburgh is not involved with the mobile internet van. I think that is county funded and probably essex county but not 100% on that.