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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Leaky Library: The Saga Continues

What every library needs for its decor: plastic wastepaper baskets scattered around a nice carpet to catch water dripping down from the ceiling.

Every time there's a heavy rainstorm, water plagues the first floor in the Plattsburgh Public Library. I don't know who the city has hired in the past to fix the leaks but whoever it was, I'm glad they're not in charge of capping off the BP deepwater oil well that's been polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

The leaks at PPL have been going on for years and now they're beginning to migrate into new areas.

Of course, water is good for electrical systems and also helps to promote the growth of mold. Persistent leaks = accumulating damage. Fix the problem now or possibly pay more later to fix all the damage.

For example, check out these ceiling tiles.

They're getting ready to buckle. You can almost read a hidden message in the stains. Is it just me or do I see POTENTIAL LAWSUIT written on this ceiling?


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