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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ruff! Ruff! Vote For Plattsy!

First Dog Barney barks:

Woof! I vote for Plattsy. He make good mayor. My master not good president. He said he would keep war on. He not listen to anyone. He said, even if only two agree, war not stop. The two, mistress Laura, a human, and me, a dog. He got it wrong. Barney try to warn him, long, long ago. I bit him in poop-end. Again and again. He invade Iraq anyway. He no listen to Barney. Barney right. But Barney got hit with rolled-up newspaper.

Master not smart. He dropped Barney. Ouch, ouch! How is life with moron master? Ruff!

But Plattsy nice. He rub my belly. Vote for Plattsy. He rub your belly.


(Barney’s paw print)


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