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Friday, August 25, 2006

An Evening Constitutional

A late summer evening, not too hot, not too cool, pleasant. Taking a walk, enjoying a bit of exercise. An impressive sunset. But then I remember to keep checking the ground; eyes can’t be entranced by the sky.

Nothing adds to a relaxing constitutional than almost stepping into a soiled diaper left on the sidewalk. This boggy bag was left on the sidewalk running along the so-called “scab” parking lot on Court Street.

The mayor came up with the “scab” appellation. This was in regards to a controversial building project that he was trying to revive. Instead of spending money on another potential white elephant, maybe the city should maintain what it has. You know, put more effort into a cleaner downtown.

(Gee, am I repeating myself? Then again, the garbage problem keeps repeating itself.)


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