Monday, March 20, 2017

Not The Same World

PLATTSBURGH CITY, NY -- March 20, 2017

Life can be very difficult when you depend upon wheels, not legs.

This afternoon I saw a power wheelchair user having trouble moving along on a sidewalk section.  A pile of snow blocked most of the sidewalk even though sidewalks are supposed to be cleared the entire width.

While an able bodied person could just step over or around the pile the wheelchair user was forced to drive off the pavement, one wheel plowing through the muddy ground.  She was lucky: the weight of her chair didn't sink the wheel too far down, preventing her  to move.

She had to use the same maneuver two more times along the same sidewalk, working around snowpiles.

Her only other option was to back up and take her chances in the street.  I know someone with a power wheelchair who was forced to use the street one time due to an impassable sidewalk.  A person in a passing car yelled:  "Get out of the road, retard!"

So how are things in your able bodied world?

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Tal Hartsfeld said...

I swear, the privileged ass-holes have all the liberties. The right to own and have command over EVERYTHING!!!
And the second-tier citizens are always "just in their way".

And forget any laws or ordinances being legislated on behalf of any second-tiers. Societies and law enforcement always favor the privileged and socially normal "average Joe/Jane".

Oh, by the way---did you hear or read: "Traffic accidents involving pedestrian fatalities up in the state of Ohio"?