Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A review of once hot topics that have grown cold. Taking a look before they recede too far in the public’s collective mind, slipping down forever into the memory hole.

TOPIC: Former Mayor Dan Stewart and certain credit card purchases with municipal funds during his service to the City of Plattsburgh.

DETAILS: An audit by the State Comptroller's Office reviewing a period from January 2005 to September 2006 indicated a lack of sufficient documentation by Stewart. Stewart had until February 1st to respond to Mayor Kasprzak’s inquiry, providing receipts for around $10,000 worth of purchases. Obviously that deadline has passed. Nothing has been reported.

QUESTION: Maybe a public report by April 1st?

TOPIC: The unmaterialized hotel by the lake.

DETAILS: Everyone had been waiting for hotel developer James Monahan of Monahan Development to move forward on the construction of a waterfront hotel-conference complex. Last year Mayor Kasprak decided the Syracuse developer had more than enough time to kick off the project. After all, the city two years ago had installed a parking lot on the site. The deal with Monahan was terminated back in October.

In a newspaper article (9/26/07) Mayor Kasprzak stated that four other local developers were interested in the project. But nothing has been heard lately. The parking lot sits there, snow swept and lonely.

QUESTION: Did Mayor Kasprzak confuse four local developers with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?


TourPro said...

Here's another:

What's happening with the Clinton County Democrats and the John Brunell "misuse" of funds situation?

Been asking around, but it's a clam-up.

Luke T. Bush said...

Tour Pro:

Don't press to hard. You don't want to cause problems with the cover-up -- I mean, the investigation. [G]

Seriously, innocent until proven guilty...

What stands out is Brunell's quote in the Press Republican last month: "If they are going to investigate me, then they should be investigating others, too." (2/12/08)