Monday, February 19, 2007

Mayor Kasprzak Replies

After I published the previous two posts about unshoveled sidewalks in the city of Plattsburgh, I emailed the new mayor, Donald Kasprzak, about the problem, including links to each article. Below is his reply. I appreciate his prompt reponse to my email.

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FROM: Mayor Don Kasprzak

Luke, I mentioned your site to the building inspector and several other department heads. Last year the council began the process of redefining the language of the ordinance on the books. For some reason, nothing was finalized.

We have begun to review language again, however, this issue will not be resolved this winter. Department heads are presently giving their comments, the council will review the information when it is available, and ultimately the public may have some opportunity to comment. If the city is going to include a fine provision then we must make sure everything is legal and enforceable. The process is not a simple one. Thanks.

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