Friday, March 27, 2020

Equal Under The Law

© 2020 Luke T. Bush


Two days ago a moose was wandering around the city. This incident reminds me of the time a bear cub visited here. I was down at the shit water treatment plant by the lake with my camera and spotted him. I didn't approach him, just used the telephoto end of my zoom lens to grab a couple of shots. The little guy took off into the brush and I kept walking, not running, to get another image. A DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) officer ordered me and another photographer who also happened to be there to leave the area because we would scare the cub.

That was funny because the police chief at that time was driving around in his official vehicle. He pulled up near me and asked if I had seen the cub. Then he took off with his young daughters standing in the front seat, chasing the cub so that his kids could get a good look. I think a guy walking with a camera is less scary than a speeding SUV.

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