Friday, May 22, 2015

Say It Ain't So, Bernie-O

(C) 2015 Luke T. Bush

PLATTSBURGH, NY - May 22, 2015

"Plattsburg [sic] has got to be the ugliest town in the world and going there, even for just one evening, makes one appreciate Vermont and Burlington that much more..."

No, I didn't say that back in 1972.  US Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) was running for the  governor's seat that year.   Bernie made the utterance re: Plattsburgh in an article he wrote for the Chittenden Magazine, "Fragments of a Campaign Diary." 

That mag is dead but the quote lives on thanks to Seven Days, that hippie newspaper based in Burlington, VT.   Its  latest print edition (May 20-27) has excerpts from Bernie's diary on page 18: "Bernie Beat: Sanders on the Campaign Trail –  in 1972."    

In his diary Bernie explained that he traveled to this side of the lake to participate in a taped debate at Channel 5/WPTZ-TV. His observation of P-burgh evinces that he missed his true calling as a travel writer.

Bernie is now running for president.  That progressive quote should bring in the support from the 12901 area on election night. Remember: every vote counts.

Here's a link to a digital reprint of "Fragments of a Campaign Diary" for those who want to delve further into BS's BS:

The infamous Plattsburgh quote can be found on page 40.

I haven't found the Seven Days article online so there's no link.  Below is a scanned copy of the print article (click on it to for expanded view).

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