Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An Art Reception Without Patrons

(C) 2014 Luke T. Bush


A too-quiet Saturday evening at ROTA Gallery.  Works by young local artists hang on walls, sit on pedestals, ready to be viewed.  But hardly anyone shows up for the opening reception.  Creativity unappreciated.

Three ROTA volunteers patiently wait during the two hour duration.   An adult artist comes in, chats, passes the time with them.  Towards the end of the reception a young couple wanders by, checks out a few works before leaving.

Not the lowest attendance I've seen at a reception.  One time I was at a gallery much greater in size and therefore greater in emptiness.  Only three people showed up: me, the artist, and a gallery volunteer.

Neither gallery operators nor patrons are at fault when this happens.  It can occur with any event: forces beyond control result in low attendance.  Maybe this reception at ROTA couldn't compete with the warm sunny weather, especially after a prolonged rough winter.  Memorial Day is Monday; people distracted by three day weekend.

But quality isn’t a reason why for the lack of visitors.  The Youth Member Art Show is better than some shows I've seen featuring older, more experienced creators.  A diverse selection of clever and eye-catching works by artists ranging from kindergarten to high school age: cartoons, paintings, crayon drawings, sculpture, construction paper forms.

The neophytic artwork still waits to be viewed and appreciated until June 9th.  Gallery hours (depending upon volunteer staffing) are Thursday through Sunday, 2 - 7 PM.  More info: rotaexhibitions@gmail.com .

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