Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hollaback! Plattsburgh Launches Website, Gives Voice To Harassment Victims


Have you been the target of street harassment?  Hollaback! wants to help.

Hollaback! is an international organization dedicated to ending such harassment.  Activist Matt Hall has formed the Hollaback! Plattsburgh group which recently launched its website: www.plattsburgh.ihollaback.org .

Street harassment victims can report and share such incidents on the site.  Plattsburgh Hollaback! also provides information on how to handle harassment encounters.

In a news release Matt Hall explained: “I have come to realize the full depth and impact of street harassment in Plattsburgh through talking to people in our community, especially folks living in the downtown and campus areas."

Also in the news release Hollback! Plattsburgh team member Justin Passino said among the goals for the website was raising awareness of the street harassment problem.

Justin pointed out: "I've read criticisms where people believe Hollaback! is a form of generational coddling and that harassment is only a problem for the overly-sensitive. But violence, mayhem and assault can stem from the same process of dehumanization that occurs when someone decides to harass or assault someone. The victim becomes devalued and is no longer perceived as a person but instead as a target or a conquest.”

More info: Matt Hall - plattsburgh@ihollaback.org .

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