Tuesday, October 22, 2013

MAS Vendor Training Issue Addressed

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When is training considered to be adequate?

That is one of the issues raised since a private company took over last month with scheduling rides to medical appointments for Clinton County Medicaid clients.

WeCare Transport Service is a regional ambulette operator based in Malone, NY that is working with Medical Answering Services, LLC (MAS).  With the changeover to MAS WeCare found itself being criticized for problems not of its own making.

In her public email discussion circle advocate for the disabled Debra Buell stated that MAS didn't provide proper training to WeCare.

Transport vendors like WeCare were supposed to learn how to handle details such as billing procedures.  Aletha Vander Weil, owner of WeCare, posted a statement to Debra's email discussion group, saying that the training for her company wasn't that thorough.

Aletha said she and a MAS trainer were supposed to meet at a bank with a wifi connection but that didn't work out.  Instead the meeting took place at a McDonald's restaurant with the trainer showing handouts with screen shots of the online MAS application.

Describing the session Aletha wrote:

"The 'training' was not informative at all.  The 'training' covers basic how to log in, how to see the roster and how to attest.  Without knowing what to expect, how
the application works, how would one even have questions?  The trainer could not answer several questions and referred us to Wayne Freeman [MAS COO and owner]."

She added that the trainer spent around 20-25 minutes with the WeCare staff before leaving for another training session in Essex County.

Concluding her statement Aletha wrote:

"The definition of adequate could mean different things from one person to another – but we did not receive adequate training by my definition.  I have to add that I do not blame the trainer.  I believe she was doing what she was told to do with the minimal tools and time provided.  We are not the only new onboard vendors with the same feeling.  The trainer has been helpful when we have reached out to her since the training."

In an update via email to me Aletha said the training issue had been addressed:

"We have talked to Mr. Freeman from MAS and he offered more training if we needed it.  He was actually very helpful on a meeting phone call John and I had with him last week.  He resolved most of our business issues we have encountered since September 1st."

Apparently publicly raising issues with the MAS changeover is leading to attention to those problems.

Pro-active complaints do work.

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