Sunday, October 06, 2013

In ROTAtion: Juried Art On Display

Matt Loach (left) explains his photo engraving technique to an art patron at the opening of ROTA Gallery's Juried Art Show Saturday evening.

Matt uses analog, not digital, methods to create his works.  He previsualizes the image and then meticulously engraves it with a stylus on the emulsion side of a large film negative.  There isn't much tolerance for mistakes; he has to be careful with each line.  Then in the darkroom he makes his prints, using an additional method to create more depth.

The exhibit features a variety of works rendered in various media by local artists.  It will run for two weeks at the ROTA Gallery, 50 Margaret Street, downtown Plattsburgh.  The gallery is usually open daily (depending upon volunteer staffing) from 12 Noon to 5 PM.  More info at .  10/5/13

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