Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Your Bike, You Bloody Berk!

Tire Fire guitarist Julian Jaster seethes while being harassed 
by scrofulous suck Neil Jung (off-camera where he belongs).

Downtown Plattsburgh music venues should immediately ban the insulting entity called Neil Jung and Crazy Hoss.

The other night I attended a performance at a nightclub in the heart of the city.  I was trying to enjoy the melodic sounds of the boy band, Tire Fire, when Neil Jung kept harassing the young musicians by dancing around and mocking their brave efforts.  Neil made rude gestures and immature facial expressions directed at the lyrical lads.

The worse sin of all: the hyperactive hipster blocked some of my shots.  A complete camera hog.

"Worship me!  I'm uber-cool!"

When Neil Jung and his band performed their renditions were of retched quality.  My sincere advice: change your name to Real Dung and Crazy Horsesh*t.

Like they say, Neil should get on his bike -- with the seat removed.  He should take a hard ride down the most pothole-ridden street in town.

The RIAA should revoke Neil Jung's artistic license and ASCAP should censure him for conduct unbecoming to rock and roll.

Not impressed.  From what his ex-girlfriend told me, 
his name will never be Neil Hung.

(Story filed on April 11, not April 1.  Not time sensitive.)

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