Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Of Displacement

"The Monopoly" by Dominique Bass-Terpstra

Why's a gas pump stuck in a beautiful rolling landscape?

Metal pipe. Vacuum cleaner. Bathtub. Man-made objects contrasted with natural settings or abstract backgrounds.

It's the motif of the exhibition, "Objects of Our Time," featuring works rendered in oil, acrylic paint, pencil and charcoal. The artist, Dominique Bass-Terpstra, starts with an object and then dis-places it with her creative illustrations. The gas pump disturbs the serenity of the pastoral scene both physically and mentally. It symbolizes the age of the carbon footprint, too many vehicles upsetting the natural planetary balance.

Dominique, a senior at Plattsburgh State University, was inspired when she spotted a rusty gas pump on private property. Of course, law-abiding artists don’t advocate trespassing per se but sometimes a minor transgression must be made to get the details needed from an object.

While she has been trained in the en plein air method, Dominique finds that taking a photograph of a subject and working from an image inside a studio can work just as well. But two-dimensional photos can be limiting. With a smaller subject, such as a pair of pliers, she prefers to have the subject on hand. Holding, turning, and placing the actual object help her to grok it.

Her art will be on display for about the next two weeks at the ROTA Gallery, 19 Clinton Street, downtown Plattsburgh. For more info:


Phone: 1 518.586.2182

Artist Dominique Bass-Terpstra and her work, "All We Had Left".

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