Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Facebooker Fingers Heckler

Don't eff with Mike Pedersen.

That's the impression created after reading a couple of his recent posts on his Facebook page. Mike is a local musician who hosts an open mike night at the Monopole bar in downtown Plattsburgh. In a post dated July 28, 2011 he mentions a problem he says he had that night:

"Tonight I flashed my metaphorical badge and had the current and very bitter boyfriend of a recent ex kicked out of the Monopole for heckling me. Oh, did I mention that he's a police officer. He may have a badge and a gun, but I have a microphone and I know how to use it! Big thanks to the Monopole staff for looking out for me and standing up for what is know who you are."

Then he added to his post in the comments section:

" This is the asshole. City Police officer charged » Local News » Press-Republican"

The link takes the reader to an article dated November 19, 2010 that says Officer Robert Annis of the Plattsburgh City Police Department "was arrested by his comrades about two weeks ago" regarding an alleged domestic dispute with his girlfriend." Mike also posted the link in a second post on August 1 that generated some sharp comments from his friends.

As far as I know there was no follow-up by the Press-Republican about the outcome of this alleged domestic incident. I would like to hear Robert Annis's side of the story regarding this incident and the one at the Monopole.

(Note that the PR article says the alleged domestic incident occurred about two weeks previously to its story being filed. Once again timely reporting by the PR.)

Whatever the actual stories are regarding both incidents, Mike Pedersen has shown the power of Facebook as a communications medium. His posts about the alleged Monopole heckler have produced comments like these on his Facebook page:

--Nice to see that the blue code of silence didn't save this dipshit.

--he [Annis] breaks stuff, kicks his girlfriend, and gets a paid vacation ( while they figure out how to cover this up)?

--"suspension with pay" is only punitive for those with... personal pride I guess? something tells me we are lacking in that department.

--I love that you had him thrown out of the Monopole! I only wish I was there to witness it...and help kick him to curb.

Obviously the Plattsburgh City PD has another public relations problem due to this.

Of course, the Web cuts both ways, producing both information and misinformation. But on the side of information it shows that one person has an avenue to tell a story that the local mainstream media won't bother to look into. Or if the news media does look into it, it only happens weeks after the incident.

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David Keys said...

It must be great to live in town where the police department has even less regard for the law than the populace it is supposed to police. I knew this four years ago, but I also knew it was unsafe to critique the PPD, unless of course you would like your car ticketed or a gang of thugs to beat you senseless-and the case to remain "under investigation" until the statute of limitation runs out...