Friday, September 10, 2010

BOP Fireworks 2010

Spectators were scarce this evening for the Battle of Plattsburgh fireworks. There was a crowd downtown near City Hall, enjoying the the bands. But along Bridge Street and in the No-Hotel parking lot I saw just a few scattered souls.

Maybe everyone thought the fireworks would be tomorrow, Saturday evening. Or maybe there just wasn't enough promo by the city to make the public aware of the pyrotechnics. Also, it was somewhat cool tonight, especially by the lake.

The previous fireworks displays this year -- July 4th and Mayor's Cup -- had sitting people and parked cars lined up all over. There is a "secret" spot way off Bridge Street that gives me a great view over the water so that I can catch the bursts reflecting off the water. Last time I carefully worked my way to that spot only to find others already there, relaxing in fold-up lawn chairs.

Tonight no one was around. Plenty of room to set up my tripod. And when the show was over, no throngs of people on the sidewalk or cars backed up on the streets. I could amble along with my equipment, not worrying about bumping into someone or trying to make my way across a crosswalk.

But, of course, this is Plattsburgh. There has to be at least one annoyance. As I was walking home some jerk in a car had to yell at me, spotting me lugging my camera and tripod bags.

"Hey, you with the bag. Get a life!"

It's far from the first time that some asshole had to yell a moronic comment my way while I was minding my own business.

It's amazing that I visited the state fair in Syracuse, mobs of people, thousands milling around, and not once did I have a problem. I really enjoy coming back to experience typical Dogtown rudeness and dumbness. Small town, small minds.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures are great! Keep up the good work. You're judgements, while critical sometime, are more refreshing than the garbage printed on paper everyday! Thank you.