Sunday, December 06, 2009

Concrete Scab: Interactive Art

Months ago I posted another image of this concrete scab lurking outside the Plattsburgh Public Library. It's been there time immemorial, apparently excess concrete left over after the PPL front steps were fixed. I thought this would be removed after Oak Street had been repaved.

Maybe it was dumped there to fill in a hole between the curb and the sidewalk. But who would fill in a hole and leave such an uneven surface, especially with a large rocky knob sticking up?

Then it dawned on me: this must be the city's answer to the abstract art seen around the Plattsburgh State campus. Grotesque hulks slapped together with minimum thought, works of deteriorating concrete and rusty metal – good for the environment, of course. The concrete scab outside PPL must be a scaled down version of such creations but with an interactive feature.

The interactive feature is that someone trips over the scab, breaks a leg, and sues the city.

1 comment:

TourPro said...

It's great to live in a "Gallery without Walls".

They should just pave over that entire grass strip in front of the library. Easier to shovel in winter.

Getting in/out of a car right there is quite difficult when there is a snow pile blocking egress from the parking spots.