Thursday, October 09, 2008

Recycling Law

A surfeit of books. No more room at the Cornerstone Bookshop.

Instead of tossing them into the trash, the downtown Plattsburgh used book store puts them into a FREE BOOKS area on the sidewalk. People who come along can take whatever they like, giving the tomes a second chance at life.

But sometimes the FREE BOOKS boxes become too jammed, a surplus of surplus. And some books, even for no charge, are unwanted by the average reader. For example, what to do with a set of outdated law books?

Simple. Hold a book art contest.

Take home a book, decorate it or utilize its material to create art.

The response was surprisingly great. See the photographic evidence below. The winners were chosen through the court of public opinion, i.e., customers voted for their favorite.

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