Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Plant By Any Name…

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Before he left office Plattsburgh city councilor Bill Provost decided to let a couple of local journalists know his displeasure regarding what he perceived as their lack of professionalism. At his final common council meeting last month he proposed a resolution to name the municipal sewage treatment in their dishonor.

Of course, his proposal was easily defeated. The journalists in question, Joe LoTemplio, Press-Republican newspaper, and Ducky Drake, WIRY Radio, each missed out on his fifteen minutes of fame.

And while I have no personal problems with either journalist, I think they should help in giving the sewage plant a catchy new name. After all, awareness of that facility should be maintained since the city wants to build a high-class hotel-conference center right next door. (Ah, the sweet smell of future success.)

Therefore, at least at this blog, the sewage plant will now be known as The Ducky Joe.

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